Pat Hibbard Story

Those who have not had cancer hope they never have to experience it. Pat Hibbard is glad she did. The experience, she says, has given her perspective she didn’t have before.

Not only did Pat battle breast cancer in 2003 but she discovered she had ovarian cancer in 2008 when her gynecologist was examining her for a non-threatening polyp on her ovary. Pat’s doctors agree that this chance discovery saved her life. As a result, Pat knows that “I’m supposed to be doing something, The Lord is not finished with me yet!”

Pat is grateful that she can educate her twin daughters about eating well and taking care of themselves as well as being routinely scanned for cancer. “I’ve completely changed my lifestyle; I’m getting exercise and rest. I’m preaching this to my daughters: take good care of yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest!”

And Pat is taking her own advice. She has always been passionate about her family heritage. Her family hails from Santa Fe where her grandfather was a real cowboy and her mother was born on a dude ranch. She loves to go to Santa Fe and visit family and explore the region.

Since her cancer experience, Pat has revived her interest in her family history and, wanting to keep the stories alive, has been talking to writers about helping her write a book based on the diaries of her great grandmother.

When asked about her experience at The Zangmeister Center, she said, “If you have to go through this, The Zangmeister Center provides wonderful treatment and support. They have a holistic approach that makes the experience that much better and they even know your name when you come into the center. It definitely puts you at ease.”

Pat spends her free time these days lunching with friends, cheering on the Indians and as a volunteer, helping chemotherapy patients manage their treatments. “I love being able to give back. I’m a very fortunate woman,” she said.

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