Clinical Laboratory Services

On-Site Laboratory Services Makes Treatment More Convenient

Pathology Laboratories, Inc. (PathLabs) operates a complete, fully staffed laboratory at The Zangmeister Cancer Center to process and analyze blood samples. Having PathLabs on site assures timely, accurate results.

Blood samples are usually drawn before medical appointments and chemotherapy treatments. Some results are available within a few minutes, and most are available the same day, which makes doctor visits more efficient, minimizes waiting times and eliminates needless stress. Our dedicated medical technologists, medical laboratory technicians and phlebotomists are highly qualified and experienced in hematology and oncology.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lab Services

Do I have to get my blood drawn every time I am here?

Your physician must monitor your blood counts as long as you are having chemotherapy treatments, as your white blood count (WBC), red blood count (RBC) and platelet count can all be affected by the drugs that are used. Depending on these counts, your physician will determine whether you receive the treatment and how much you will receive. Your physician also must monitor other lab results frequently. Even after treatment is over, you will have blood drawn periodically.

Why can’t you stick my finger?

Some laboratory tests require just a small amount of blood that can be obtained by a finger stick (e.g. CBC and PT/INR). However, the physician often wants chemistry tests that require a larger quantity of blood. In this case, we must draw blood using a venipuncture (a puncture of the vein through the skin).

My other doctor just drew a blood sample. Why can’t you use those results?

It depends on the tests that your other physician ordered and when they were ordered. Most times our doctors need current results to determine the course of your therapy. If the tests are duplicated, we can get copies from or send our results to your physician to keep you from getting your blood drawn twice unnecessarily.

How soon will the doctor get the results?

The complete blood count (CBC) is run immediately so that the physician and/or chemotherapy nurse has the results before making any therapy decisions. If additional chemistry tests are ordered, they could be run in our office or sent to our reference lab. In this case, the results would be back within one to two days.