Patient Stories

"They don't send us around to 500 different places; blood tests, X-rays, PET scans, infusion treatments, specialty oral pharmacy -- everything is there conveniently located for the patient and caregiver."
Bob's Story
"Dr. Zangmeister is well known in the Columbus area. He has a phenomenal reputation in the community."
"Dr. Knoble really focuses on the overall quality of life for her patients."
“Wonderful medical staff, doctors and support personnel.”
“Zangmeister has got to be one of the best cancer treatment centers in Ohio.”
“The level of expertise and quality of care is simply outstanding. I’ve been blessed with good doctors who really take the time to answer my questions and respect my opinion.”
Barbara's Story
“I always felt very comfortable at The Zangmesister Center. Every morning I was greeted with smiles from everyone from the receptionist to my doctor.”
Dan's Story
“The care here is just phenomenal.”
“Everyone is so nice and helpful. The staff and nurses are wonderful.”
“I can't put into words what this place means to me!”
“I'm an entirely new person and can continue my life happily thanks to family and strangers who wiped my tears when they fell. So thank you Zangmeister Center for being one of the uplifters!”
Nick's Story
“Professional caring and compassionate staff! I could not ask for better care.”
“If you have to go through this, The Zangmeister Center provides wonderful treatment and support. They have a holistic approach that makes the experience that much better and they even know your name when you come into the center.“
Pat's Story
“Since I have to go through this journey I am glad I have the choice of going to the Zangmeister Cancer Center.“
“The facility is lovely as are the physicians, nurses and staff.“