Patient Stories

Bob’s Story: Patient Focuses on Advanced Treatments with a Positive Attitude

Bob was living a very busy life with three adult children and six grandchildren when he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.

Barbara’s Story: Becoming an Advocate for Other Cancer Patients

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994, Barbara underwent surgery, radiation and chemotherapy simultaneously.

Dan’s Story: Smiling Through Adversity

Dan was a rising star on the legendary Ohio State University football team when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in late 2007.

Nick’s Story: A Testicular Cancer Survivor with a Positive Attitude

Nick’s life totally changed after he graduated college and was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Pat’s Story: An Experience That Gave Her a Perspective She Never Had Before

Not only did Pat battle breast cancer in 2003 but she discovered she had ovarian cancer in 2008.