For Patients & Families

The Best Possible Patient Care

At The Zangmeister Cancer Center, we’re committed to providing the best possible cancer care. We know a diagnosis of cancer is frightening and overwhelming. But we work hand in hand with our patients from the very beginning, creating a tailored plan that addresses both their emotional and physical well-being during and after treatment.

New Patients

If you’re a new patient at The Zangmeister Cancer Center, this is the place where you can access all of the information and forms you’ll need as you get started with your treatment.

New Patient Forms Helpful Information Billing and Financial Information First Visit Checklist

Current Patients

If you’re a current patient at The Zangmeister Cancer Center, the following links will connect you to your personal Patient Portal as well as to information about billing, pharmacy services, on-call coverage and support services available.

Patient Portal Pay a Bill Haven of Hope Events

Caregivers & Families

Helping someone through cancer treatment and recovery requires patience and understanding. The following pages give suggestions for people caring for a loved one with cancer and address some of the concerns that caregivers often have.

Caregivers Hints for Patients and Families Communicating with Your Doctors and Managing Hospitalization Taking Care of You

Patient Stories

At The Zangmeister Cancer Center we know that support and understanding mean everything to patients battling cancer. That’s why we are sharing patients of The Zangmeister Cancer Center telling their inspiring and courageous stories of how they have managed their cancer while living rich and full lives.