Patient Responsibilities

What We Ask of You

At The Zangmeister Cancer Center, we work hand in hand with our patients to provide the best possible care.

In order to offer this level of care, we kindly ask our patients to help us by:
  • Calling us if you have any questions, concerns or problems.
  • Obtaining referrals from your primary care physician.
  • Filling out all questionnaires, as a detailed history helps us provide the best care.
  • Knowing your insurance benefits. (We will help you with the necessary pre-certification and other insurance issues.)
  • Notifying us 24 hours in advance for medication refills.
  • Giving us two weeks to complete any forms you need from us.
  • Bringing your insurance card(s) with you to each visit.
  • Notifying us of any insurance changes.
  • Notifying us of a change in address.
  • Knowing your medications and notifying us of any changes.
  • Knowing your allergies and notifying us of any changes.