Benign Hematology

Benign Hematology

Our physicians see patients with blood disorders that are not related to any type of cancer.  These types of disorders fall into the medical specialty known as benign hematology. Many of our doctors have specific board certification in benign hematology. Please do not assume if you are referred to our center that you have a cancer diagnosis.

Benign hematology conditions include:

  • Blood coagulation abnormalities, which cause a patient to have abnormal bleeding or develop blood
  • Abnormal blood cell count, including low or high white blood, red blood cell or platelet count.
  • Many types of anemia, which also have a variety of causes and treatments.
  • Thalassemia and other hemoglobinopathies that lead to production of abnormal red blood cells.

There are many causes of such abnormalities, including bone marrow disorders, as well as other medical conditions and exposures including medications, infections, inherited genetic abnormalities, and environmental exposures.

If you are referred for a benign hematology condition your visit will likely include specialized blood tests. You do not need to fast for this blood work.  It will likely take time for results to be available and you may require a follow-up visit to review the laboratory findings and determine any additional monitoring, treatment, and/or follow-up.