Newly Diagnosed

You’ve Been Diagnosed with Cancer. Now What?

A diagnosis of cancer can be a shock, making you feel out of control and overwhelmed. Being informed can help alleviate these feelings. Remember, very few cancers require emergency treatment. You have time to learn about your diagnosis and treatment options, to ask questions and to get a second opinion. This section is designed to help you address your initial questions before you move forward with your treatment.

Cancer Information

Cancer is not one disease, but a name given to a collection of related diseases. Cancer can start anywhere in the body. But all cancers are characterized by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells.

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Treatment Information

There are several options for cancer treatment. But the type of treatment you receive will depend on several factors, including the specific characteristics of your cancer, your overall health and your treatment goal (curing your cancer, keeping your cancer from spreading or relieving the symptoms caused by your cancer).

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Patient Stories

At The Zangmeister Cancer Center we know that support and understanding mean everything to patients battling cancer. That’s why we are sharing patients of The Zangmeister Cancer Center telling their inspiring and courageous stories of how they have managed their cancer while living rich and full lives.